Welcome to the M8Server homepage! :D We are a small, friendly, international, young community running a semi-vanilla 1.20.4 Minecraft server that everyone can join! What we offer:

How to Join

You can join the server in Minecraft simply using the homepage URL M8Server.eu (beware of the capitalisation!). If you are going to do anything other than merely looking around, please at least skim the rules section to avoid nasty surprises. The Minecraft server is currently not whitelisted to encourage new players to check it out. :) This may change in the future to some extent in case we get overrun by bad actors. In that case we promise that there will be a simple way for all old players to join by automatic whitelisting or a simple application.


Here will appear any bigger news affecting the server or the homepage.

Detailed Features

Here is a list of all gameplay changes implemented in the world compared to a true vanilla server...


The survival world is split into two areas:

The creative world is entirely adhering to the rules of the community area.
We use common sense. Detailed rules list:

  1. Basic rules of friendly and respectful human interaction apply in all worlds and areas.
    This entails the usual things, such as no extreme swearing/screaming at other people, releasing personal information of others, real life threats, other kinds of harassments, racism, spamming, vastly inappropriate conversations, etc. Please apply common sense here.
  2. No cheating of any kind.
    This includes:
    1. Client modifications that give unreasonably big unfair advantages. Not allowed are for example any kind of PVP related, movement or x-ray-like modifications. Allowed are Optifine, Schematica (IF you still place all blocks manually in survival mode), inventory management mods (except automatic armor equipment), simple clicking scripts, and replay mod (unless you use it to locate structures that are not normally seen). We use both automatic network inspection and manual background checks to catch these cheats. If you want to use a modification that is not listed above and might be seen as cheaty, you should contact the moderation team beforehand (see Contact). Otherwise, we may consider it to be illegal and act accordingly.
    2. Abusing game breaking bugs. Bugs that do not break the game are allowed. Not allowed are, for example, arbitrary block duplication glitches. If you are in doubt about something, you should talk to us about it to be safe (see Contact).
    3. Taking items from creative menu except in the creative world. Obviously, this also applies to the moderators, with the single exception being to cleanup grief. Beyond that, no single cobble piece shall be cheated in.

  3. No griefing/sabotaging/stealing/removing other builds without permission EXCEPT in the anarchy region (large scale environment grief is generally not allowed, even in the anarchy region)
    If you break any build that is clearly purposefully arranged, we consider it griefing to remove it. If you see any larger build that you dislike, you should first try to contact the builder of it and ask if it can be (re)moved. If it is not clear who built it, try asking other people. If this is not working or you think the build was made in bad faith, a public removal request can be made for example in the Discord (see Contact). Then you should wait at least one day for responses. If there are positive responses and no moderator objections (all moderators have veto powers because we do not want to eagerly get rid of other people's creations), then you or anyone else has permission to remove the build in question.
    If you are in other buildings and you are leaving behind any changes, then you must adhere to any signs. For example, if there is a sign that says you should pay 77 diamonds for one cobble, you may only take each cobble if you leave behind 77 diamonds for each one. If the sign says "only one per player", you may only take one item.
  4. No killing/deadly trapping in the community area.
    Obviously, you are still allowed to PVP if all players involved agree to it.
  5. You can agree to be peaceful with someone in the anarchy region.
    Please make sure to be clear enough about this. If the other player is not agreeing or not responding, consider the peace agreement to have failed. By default the peace treaty extends to all builds you are currently working on during the treaty.

    Agreeing to peace and then attacking is considered to be a rule violation! To make it binding for moderation purposes, make sure to have the agreement of both parties in a public text channel. Do not make peace treaties that last for more than a couple days. By default they last until until one of the two involved parties logs out for 8 hours.
  6. You are responsible for any damages you cause in and immediately next to other buildings by default.
    Apply common sense. Note that this includes:
    1. Leaving behind creeper crators.
    2. Taking down trees.
    3. Removing the bark from wood logs.
    4. Obstructing or damaging the public pathing.
    5. Stealing single blocks from trees or builds.
    We encourage you and appreaciate if you fix any such (accidental) breakages yourself. If you do not do this, the moderation team will message you. If you still fail to fix the issue the next couple times when you come online but no later than a week, the moderators are authorized to take at least 3 diamonds for each distinct damage (possibly more for big issues) or, if unavailable, any other items deemed equivalent in value from any of your inventories as a fine and award it to the person who fixed the issue.

    In case the above scenario repeats multiple times the moderators will notify you a final time, before taking any future fines directly from your inventories without prior notices that would allow you to fix the issue yourself before the fine. If you keep causing trouble and we can no longer fine you, further consequences besides fines are possible.
  7. You need moderation team approval to break irreverisble blocks such as amethyst or monster spawers.
    If one of these blocks is in the way of an important build, feel free to message a member of the moderation team about it (see Contact). The moderators will discuss the request privately and allow you remove it if there are no concerns.


There are 3 ways to contact us. Any inquiries, feedback or questions are welcome. Ban appeals can also go through these channels.

  1. You can post a mail to . Note that only M8237 has access to this and the content of all emails will be threated confidentially by default (including your mail address of course).
  2. Join the Discord lounge https://discord.gg/V73NT8XeMj and state your desire directly or - alternatively - privately message M8237 or another member of the moderation team.
  3. You can leave a message in Minecraft chat. The public Minecraft chat is mirrored in Discord so this can be seen, even if noone is currently playing who is able to help you.